Cat's Ass Studio

A recording studio situated right on Avoca Beach, just
 under 2 hours north of Sydney.

Don't ask us how we came up with the name.

Avoca Beach, NSW

33°28'03.9"S 151°26'06.8"E

Gear List

  • 100 year old upright piano
  • Kurzweil PC3x
  • Several Guitars & Bases + DW stage custom kit
Microphones and DIs
  • Tube condenser microphone:Beez Neez Tribute 1 (U47)(amaze balls)
  • Condenser microphone: AKG C451 B Matched Pair
  • Dynamic microphone: Shure SM57 x4
  • Dynamic microphone: AKG D112
  • Dynamic microphone: Shure SM7B
  • DI: Radial JDI
Microphone Accessories
  • Pop filter: Generic x4
  • Microphone stands, normal: K&M 210/9 Stands x8
  • Microphone stands, tall: K&M 21021 Overhead Stands x2
  • Microphone stands, short: K&M 25900 Short Stands x2
  • Microphone stands, rolling caster base: On Stage SMS7650 Caster Base x2
  • Microphone cables, 15 ft: Mogami x8
  • Microphone cables, 25 ft: Mogami x8
  • Microphone cables, 50 ft: Mogami x2
  • Instrument cables TS, 25 ft: Mogami x4
  • Instrument cables TS, 10 ft: Mogami x4
  • Instrument cables TRS, 25 ft: Mogami x4
  • Headphone extension cables TRS, 25 ft: Generic x4
  • Word/Super clock cable, 2 ft: Mogami x2
  • DigiLink cable:Avid x2
  • Mini DigiLink to DigiLink Adapter
  • D-sub to D-sub, Phase 1: Mogami x11
  • D-sub to XLR-M, Phase 1: Mogami x3
  • D-sub to XLR-F, Phase 1: Mogami x2
  • 96-point TT to D-sub patchbay: Switchcraft StudioPatch 9625 x4
  • TT patch cables, Phase 1: Canare x32
  • TRS to TT patch cables, 6 ft: Canare x8
  • XLR-F to TT patch cables, 6 ft: Canare x4
  • XLR-M to TT patch cables, 6 ft: Canare x4
  • Thunderbolt RAID 5 backup:G-Technology 16TB G-SPEED
  • Computer Display 27" x 2
  • Pro Tools HD/Native (Thunderbolt): Avid Thunderbolt bridge + Omni + ProTools 11
  • DAW primary interface: Apogee Symphony I/O with 16x16 analog card
  • DAW primary interface expansion: Apogee Symphony I/O 16x16 analog card
  • DAW controller, Phase 1: Avid Artist Mix
  • Speaker selection, aux input: Shadow Hills Equinox (Coming Soon)
  • DAW main in (1-2), analog summing in (3-32): Shadow Hills Equinox above
  • Mic preamps: Shadow Hills Equinox (Coming Soon)
  • Power supply for monitor controller: Shadow Hills Power Supply
  • Primary stereo monitors: ATC SCM45A Pair
  • Secondary stereo monitors:Focal Solo6 Pair
  • Headphone monitor system: Hear Technologies Hear Back 4 Pack
  • Loudness meter Durrough
Outboard Gear
  • Racked microphone preamps:Grace m801
  • Stereo bus compressor: API 2500
  • Stereo bus EQ: Dangerous Bax
  • Rackmount DI: ProD8
  • Rackmount instrument distro: Radial JD7 Injector

We have purposefully minimised the variety of outboard gear in order to focus on signal flow and acoustics. You are encouraged to bring your favourite rack gear with you :)

What's Good in Avoca?

When you're not making music, why not check out some of the local hot spots?

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